With the complain and issues form the last avast 6 antivirus, a new upgrade of the formal version of avast 6 has highly settled the mind of avast users. All the bug in avast 6 was corrected and this new avast 7 is better and more secured, with a more friendly user inter face. The most important part is that it makes pc not too slow or laggy compare to avast 6.
Having a pro software sound high class than using a free or trial version of any software that why we have created this avast 7 keygen which was built with working avast antivirus pro keys, and with avast 7 crack file.

With our free avast 2012 antivirus keygen you will be able to produce unlimited amount of working avast 7 free keys to unlock your digital world of protection, all you need do is download avast 2012 keygen below which was packed with free avast 7 license key. so try to read the instruction to enable you activate the antivirus for free.

There are a lot of malware and virus over the internet and if you are not fully protected with avast 7 pro version then you are one way in danger to harm your pc and expose your files to unauthorized user.


  • Open avast from the desktop icon (or from the all program menu)
  • And click on the register button while it's loading. A window will pop open asking you for the key
  • Fill in any key copied from the keygen and boom!!! you are registered 

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